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Certified Fabricare Specialists (CFS) below to a network of professional cleaners and have the ability to clean any fabric based window covering right where it hangs.

Whether you have traditional draperies, valances or one of the many newer styles of window shadings made by Hunter Douglas or other fabricators, your local CFS member can clean it.

Protect the investment you made in your home's decor and improve the indoor air quality with a deep cleaning done using the proper techniques by a knowledgeable professional. Certified Fabricare Specialist have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and are ready to put their expertise to work on your project. Unlike many sincere (but ill informed) online "experts" these industry professionals have access to a wealth of knowledge relative to the appropriate ways to clean all types of window treatments.

CFS members use a small portable professional machine designed specifically for doing injection/extraction cleaning of fabrics using either wet or dry cleaning solutions. Hence the "OnSite" name often used to describe this ability to clean fabrics right where they are. As this process does not involved disassembly or agitation in a machine the CFS cleaner can confidently clean many things that would be shrunk or destroyed by other methods.  They can therefore clean just about any type of fabric window treatment, including delicate fabrics or ones with fancy trims or attached accessories. Using this method they can professionally clean your window coverings and offer a guarantee beforehand against shrinkage or damage!  The local cleaners typically have you sign a liability waiver as their methods can cause shrinkage, distortion or worse to many fabrics. While no cleaning can turn back the effects of time or strengthen sun damaged fibers, the injection/extraction method flushes out contaminants from the fabric without the stress created by other methods and is thereby able to safely clean older or more delicate materials than other window treatments professionals would attempt.

Myth: Drycleaning drapes will shrink and ruin them.

FactWith advancements in equipment, chemistry and processing, any drape or fabric based window covering can be cleaned without damage!

With these new advancements, cleaning with the guarantee is not impossible as was once thought. Also included in these advancements is the ability to do quality cleaning with ECO friendly products, including the use of GreenEarth® Cleaning Solution offered by many of our members.

The process is done right in your home or office, so there’s no need to take anything down or be inconvenienced with not having anything to cover your windows.

Now it’s much easier to reap the benefits of having your window coverings cleaned regularly. Those benefits include; extending the life expectancy of the window covering, not allowing soils and stain to become set in the fabric and a much better breathing environment for those in the home that suffer from allergies or asthma.

CFS members are a network of independent companies who have come together to provide quality and professional cleaning for all your expensive window coverings and specialty fabrics. The background of these companies is diverse, so many of them offer other products or services as well, so please consult your local CFS member directly to discuss them.