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Quality & Professionalism!

From day one, all CFS members are taught that quality and professionalism is first and foremost and should not be an afterthought. This group of professional cleaners was built on this philosophy and adheres to a strict code of ethics that we stand by.

During your first contact with a certified company, don’t be surprised if they immediately want to set an appointment for an onsite estimate. The first thing that the specialist will want to do is to pre-qualify whether you should have your window coverings cleaned or replaced. Due to the environment in each home being different, as well as each window, the fabrics may not have the ability to be cleaned. A thorough pre-inspection will be done to look for any pre-existing conditions such as tears and spots, and they will also factor in the type of fabric as well as the age to determine if the fabric can be cleaned. A written pre-inspection report will be filled out with a list of deficiencies that are found, if any, and then discussed with you so you may make the appropriate decision whether to clean or replace them. It is important to understand that the specialist wants to do their best to meet your expectation and does not want to clean a fabric that has met its life expectancy or could be damaged by further servicing. The mentality they own is, their first concern is for the welfare of your fabric.

At the same time they are doing this inspection, they will also walk you through the process of cleaning window coverings onsite. We know that many of you are unaware of this process, so they will want to educate you as much as possible so you will be comfortable not only with the process, but the knowledge of the specialist as well. Please don't hesitate to ask your specialist any questions you may have regarding your window coverings. They will also be asking you some questions about your window coverings, which will be very important in deciding whether the fabric can be cleaned as well as the process they will use in order to give you the best possible results. So as much accurate information you can give them will help in achieving the best possible outcome.

Besides a major emphasis on educating their customers, some of the other things to expect from your Certified Fabricare Specialist include, but not limited to:

  • Not using deceptive practices
  • Scheduling the job at your convenience
  • Be on time for all appointments
  • Suggesting you move keepsakes prior to the cleaning to prevent accidental damage
  • Show respect for your personal property
  • Use plastic or tarps to protect floors and other items
  • Meticulously clean your fabrics
  • Leave your house in the condition it was prior to their arrival
  • Most importantly, stand behind the services provided

When the inspection has been completed they will present you with an estimate of services and any recommendations they may have. Please note that all of our CFS members are independent contractors and will charge according to the services for your market area. Our members have diverse backgrounds, so please don’t hesitate to ask about other services they may be able to provide. You can locate the closest specialist on the Find a Cleaner page.